Wake Up Warm Up


Wake up Warm-Up

  1. Jog down/Backpedal back
  2. Toe flicks w/ skip forward down, backward back
  3. Low knees across
  4. High knees across
  5. Low knees out
  6. High knees out
  7. High knees down/Glute kicks back
  8. Lateral shuffle (2 forward-1 back)
  9. Carioca

Active Flexibility

  1. Kicks down, Cradle walk back
  2. Knee tuck to lunge w/ t-spine rotation, Quad stretch RDL back
  3. Slide stretch down and back


  1. Get up Sprints: (Alternate Push-ups and Mountain Climbers)

Example: (5) Push-ups facing straight ahead-Get Up and Sprint, walk back then do (10) Mountain Climbers facing straight ahead-Get Up and Sprint. Repeat facing each direction.

  1. Push-ups 3 each direction
  2. Mountain Climbers 3 each Direction
  3. Arm Circles, Long Arm Swings & Arm Hugs