COACHING EVENTS SERIES: Foundations of Pitching, Pitchapalooza, OnBaseU, ABCA…


I wanted to start sharing about my experiences at different clinics, onsite certifications, and other live events that I attend in the baseball and training world. The more that I attend, the more I get asked about them and this is a good place to share my experience.

The first four I want to address are live events or certifications that I’ve been to in the last two years. This past July I flew to Seattle, Washington and took a quick Uber to Driveline Baseball in Kent for their first Foundations of Pitching certification. Back in February I flew to Arizona for the first OnBaseU Pitching certification. Just under two years ago I went to the National Convention for ABCA in Indianapolis which was nice because I didn’t have to fly OR Uber. For that event I just drove 10 minutes downtown! And just before ABCA that year was my third Pitchapalooza in Tennessee, hosted by Lantz Wheeler.

The following blogs will include feedback from others, details from the inside, and recommendations to go along with my experiences. The amount of planning that goes into these events is immense and deserves some praise, which I attend to give. As I attend more or want to share about more, I’ll add them.

In complete transparency this will hopefully serve as a way for me to start to find my voice in writing again, as it has been too long.

Anyway, I’m really excited to start getting these out in the public because I have had such a good experience with each of these events. The first one I’m going to touch on is the most recent that I attended – Driveline Baseball’s “Foundations of Pitching.”

WRITTEN BY SCOTT HAASE (Pitching Coordinator & Board Member)